Caring for our world, one critter at a time.

Animal Care, Animal Rescue

About Us


The mission of Critter U. is to advance the care of wild and domestic animals 

through research, education and service related to wildlife and pet care, nutrition, habitat, and ecosystems. 


To accomplish this mission, we value partnerships, drawing on our shared strengths to achieve more by working together. 

Our History

Founders of Critter U., Ron Suverkrubbe,Jr. and Pam Perry.

Critter U. was officially recognized as a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization in November 2018. Critter U. was founded by Ron Suverkrubbe, Jr., and Pam Perry, of Palm Beach County, Florida, following Ron's lifetime of loving care for critters of all types. Ron and Pam share a joy for animals and a concern for their well-being, particularly with the growing need to adapt animal care in response to increasing natural disasters, dislocations of animals and people, competition for natural resources, and disruptions of ecosystems.



A very small, furry animal is being held in the palm of an adult's hand.

Join us in teaching, learning about, and providing loving, healthy animal care! 

The more we know, the better we can care for our wild and domestic friends - every day, when disaster hits, and when rescue is the best solution. 

We are continually seeking partners in research, education, rescue, 

and other services related to animal care.

Help Our Cause

Your contributions will enable Critter U. and our partners to improve and provide care for animals threatened by inhospitable environments, natural disasters, inadequate nutrition, 

and other risks to their well-being. 

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Sign up to join our cause! Let us know how you might like to help - teaching others about animal care; caring for animals in need; building shelters; researching animal care, habitat, or nutrition; and more! We will keep you updated on Critter U. activities and opportunities to help our critter friends.