Caring for our world, one critter at a time.

Advancing Animal Care



Critter U. and our partners strive to improve animal care through social media and hands-on education. Together, we teach each other about nutrition, habitat, preparedness for natural disasters, interaction, and other information important for the well-being of wild and domesticated animals. 



Critter U. is committed to helping our communities and partners prepare for the care of wild and domesticated animals in response to natural disasters. As we grow our facilities, we will provide expanded emergency rescue, as well as intermediate and long term shelter. 

As our communities become less engaged in our natural world, Critter U. works to reconnect us, providing interactive experiences that nurture the well-being of both people and animals. 



Critter U. will be seeking partners for research pilots to expand 

1) the re-use of plant based agricultural by-products as a sustainable, quality source of animal nutrition and 

2) the use of commercially bred insects as a quality source of nutrients for animals.